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The Icy Dragon is a light blue dragon with large blueishwhite wings It is the size of a small fish and has light blue sparkles Trivia The rarity of the Icy Dragon is Godly The price of the Icy Dragon is 12500 coins The Icy Dragon is the second most valuable fish in the game The Icy Dragon can be found past a depth of 2700.

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This bucket was prepared to hold magical water trying to escape just that important bit longer.

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Siria is a blue ancient with little patience and even less kindness preferring to push others away and work alone than make friends Siria is an oceanblue dragoness with bright reflective scales and flecks of light blue across them sometimes tinged green Her eyes are a bright emerald green sticking out from a face that is long and adorned with multiple expressive fins and two.


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List Of Ocean Animals A Through Z Owlcation Education

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For codex entries in this category in Dragon Age Inquisition see Codex Places (Inquisition) This article lists codex entries from places within Thedas in Dragon Age II Main article Codex entry The Anderfels The Anderfels are a land of shocking extremes It is the most desolate place in all the world for two Blights have left great expanses of the steppes so completely devoid of life.

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