Roblox Kohls Command To Change Leaderboard Value

Roblox Kohls Command To Change Leaderboard Value. I’m working on a game where you can change roles by clicking a screenGUI button The role is a leaderboard value that other players can see I have the button I have the leaderboard however I’m not sure how I could make it for the interaction to work as they are two seperate scripts 4 comments 100% Upvoted.

toeic990点からの挑戦 タイピング練習サイト roblox kohls command to change leaderboard value
toeic990点からの挑戦 タイピング練習サイト from TOEIC990点からの挑戦:タイピング練習サイト

So to change a value of lighting you’d do this gameLightingAmbient = Color3new (255/255 0/255 0/255) What that does is set Lighting’s Ambient property to a Color3 value Some Color3’s have their values between 0 and 1 some use numbers command script is a command script created in 2008 by Person299.

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In OnPlayerJoin under leaderstatsParent = player type local gold = Instancenew (“IntValue”) This creates a new IntValue and stores it in the variable gold local function onPlayerJoin(player) local leaderstats = Instancenew(“Folder”) leaderstatsName.

How to change leaderboard value with GUI click

plrEntered = function(plr) local ls = Instancenew(‘IntValue’) Leaderstats lsParent = plr lsValue = 0 lsName = ‘leaderstats’ local stat = Instancenew(‘IntValue’) statName = ‘Money’ Change to the value you want statValue = 0 Add the starting value end gameGetService’Players’PlayerAdded(plrEntered).

Roblox fog command — roblox's fog uses linear

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toeic990点からの挑戦 タイピング練習サイト


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