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Skilava Evolve Into Geksplode Youtube roblox loomian legacy wiki skilava
Skilava Evolve Into Geksplode Youtube from Skilava can be find in Igneus Hollow (next to Route 05), He evolve at level 22, Loomian Legacy is an upcoming series of Roblox games currently being developed by Lando64000, Tbradm and many other …

It evolves from Geksplode starting at Level 38 which evolves from Skilava starting at Level 22 Eruptidon can be obtained in the listed .

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Lava Slash is a Firetype Melee Move introduced in Loomian Legacy Veils of Shadow It is the signature move of Eruptidon The user slashes the target with .

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Skilava is a Firetype Loomian introduced in Loomian Legacy Veils of Shadow Skilava was designed by Pwinny and modeled by Zetheous.

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Haven&#39t done art in a long time so thats why it.

Skilava Evolve Into Geksplode Youtube

List of Loomians that evolve starting at a certain level

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